Today was the first time I joined the board game group at the library! Met real nice people and had lots of fun playing Endeavor together.

Automating Poster Creation with Latex

This semester I will be serving in OU COB Research Colloquium. We organize research presentations in college of business. As part of my duties I was tasked with creating posters. I considered my options and decided that creating new posters every other week was too much work. So I created a tex file that grabs... Continue Reading →

Finished Last Night on Earth Minis

Tonight I finally finished Last Night on Earth miniatures. I painted the heroes a while back. For a while I was pretty satisfied with the effort. Then I saw Sorastro's Zombicide painting guide for zombies... Having painted the zombies I thought I was done, but then I saw Consadine's basic basing guide. Well finally tonight... Continue Reading →

Foamcore Dice Tower

Azade is old enough to play simple games (Animal upon Animal, Brandon the Brave) but dice throwing has been a problem. A while back I decided to build a dice tower with the dual purpose of both playing games with kids and to make sure the dice is properly random (no cheating). I finished painting... Continue Reading →

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