Automating Poster Creation with Latex

This semester I will be serving in OU COB Research Colloquium. We organize research presentations in college of business. As part of my duties I was tasked with creating posters. I considered my options and decided that creating new posters every other week was too much work. So I created a tex file that grabs... Continue Reading →

Finished Last Night on Earth Minis

Tonight I finally finished Last Night on Earth miniatures. I painted the heroes a while back. For a while I was pretty satisfied with the effort. Then I saw Sorastro's Zombicide painting guide for zombies... Having painted the zombies I thought I was done, but then I saw Consadine's basic basing guide. Well finally tonight... Continue Reading →

Foamcore Dice Tower

Azade is old enough to play simple games (Animal upon Animal, Brandon the Brave) but dice throwing has been a problem. A while back I decided to build a dice tower with the dual purpose of both playing games with kids and to make sure the dice is properly random (no cheating). I finished painting... Continue Reading →

In Hawaii for HICSS 50. So far so good. Have seen old friends, met new friends and am enjoying Panoply security competition. Paper being nominated as best paper does not hurt either. Hawaii

I use AWS to run the various scripts used in data collection.  I have been paying about $20 each month for a t1 micro instance since my free tier and academic credits ran out. That is quite a price to pay for 1 core and about 600MB ram. Maybe AWS is not the best option... Continue Reading →

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